Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hostel Life : A Report

“Inexpensive supervised lodging is hostel”.
Hostel is a place where usually students live and which is supervised by an administration. You can also call it as an inn as well.
Hostel life gives confidence to move alone in society and also gives courage to cope with the problems.
Hostel life made me what I’m today, good or bad; it gave me independence freedom, power to take decisions and a good philosophy. It increases your confidence and makes you more courageous because you have to do all your personal work by yourself.

I remember times when I cursed myself for living away from home, washing clothes in midnight with chilled water, for surviving without money for many days, things changes with time when you are in home , if you have any problem then it ‘s solved by your parents but here you have to take decision by yourself and be prepared for it’s after affects and you will face the various situation which you never imagined because you can’t expect others to involve in your personal matter and other’s don’t like to interfere in your personal life they only gives you suggestion. Because everyone has their goals and they are working on them.

Hostel life has a charm of its own. You may come out of the familiar surrounding of your dear ones and enter a new world of strangers, who are experiencing the same dilemmas
However some basic habits make the hostel life a memorable experience.

It has both positive and negative aspects. A person residing in hostel studies with full concentration and gets help from the fellow or senior students.
He does not need to do the house hold activities (cooking food), that will definitely save his time and can utilize this time to do other activities.
At many times he misses his family. (Home sickness)

The first dilemma you have to face when you enter the college hostel to share your room with a room partner. I hope you never had shared your room with anyone; this change would be quite difficult to you. Your roommate may hail from a joint family and never tried to keep a private environment in the room. Things got really worse since all have their different lifestyle of living. Some of you have routine to sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning and others may be late night bird and never used to leave bed in the morning and somehow you have to manage to live without disturbing one

“ If u can not manage to live with a temporary room mate, how will you manage your life with your life partner because it’s our culture that most of us do not know who is going to be your spouse and you do not know her/him well . This may be different for those who have arranged marriage but for better life you have to adjust with others ”; this is a learning process
Good chance to learn and to handle this situation.

Sleeping in a hostel is difficult for any one who is light sleeper, people may snore , come in and out of the rooms at all the hours turn lights on and off in the whole night .but somehow you start understanding others and adjust with them and manage to sleep as well But there is something in your mind that there are seniors (villains for the first year students) basically aimed to disturb your peaceful life.

I remember the day when I entered the college, filled with excitement but a bit of fear was there in my heart. I was aware that being a junior, I have to face with what people call it ragging (institution call it as “Interaction”).But when I met my senior
during interaction, sometimes I felt uneasy but believe me that was my turning point of my life. I learnt a lot, how to be involved with social environment, enhanced my personality a lot .and then my hostel life started. I personally felt that interaction was compulsory as it mainly reduces your hesitation of speaking. I remember that day when I first faced an interview, the interviewer had asked me “Tell me something about yourself” then I was totally confused what to answer then I started the “intro” which seniors had told me in the similar format without any pause they were impressed so You also don’t know which experience would help you in future whether it was good or it was bad and when so learn from every moment.

As the time proceed, I started learning many things , getting involved in many activities like Sports, Dramatics and many more extra curricular activities .Believe me, hostel is a place where you can choose the right direction in which you want to go. It can be initial phase of your step if you haven’t started yet because I had seen many students who don’t know any thing about computer but some time later some of them were good programmers, some with hacking capability, some are creative designers you may be any one of them as you would get proper guidance from your colleagues and seniors

But there were many important and memorable times when you have enjoyed bunking classes watching movies late night and going to college without a sleep and sleeping in classes or attending classes in ppma (physically present and mentally absent) stage . . . This is a good experience but I suggest you not to do this , attend the classes with full energy and concentrate on your studies at least for some of the classes

Plans . . . Discussion……are the part of hostel life. You can always meet people who have different opinions on politics, sex, religion and on your country too, so you must be tolerant and understanding other people’s opinion .Don’t fight with them but try to capture the good from their points and try to correct their facts.
“ This will certainly enrich and broaden your perspectives. “

Since hostel life is a miniature representation of the society outside, there was no lack of politics in the hostel. The most influenced people stated to create their own groups and started to compete for the hostel representative oppositions. Those who are involved in the groups eventually started to split up in their relationships. Some of people who were not involved in any groups had a comparatively easy time in the hostel without involving in many spiteful issues

Money also became a villain to hinder many relationships in the hostel life. We soon learnt that there are some parasites who pride themselves to be depended on others. Complaints started to raise of unreturned money and at many times about theft . In addition to these , the hostel life also terrific nights with robbers and first hand description of the ghost experience!

The last thing I am going to explain about my hostel life. It is about the hostel food! Our hostel was also not an exceptional one in offering some of the most delicious food items. We often longed for the homely food and often starved when the plain food has been served at our hostel mess. This bring a drastic change for many of us who had the bliss to enjoy the delicious and desirable food at any time we want.

But I’m sure that you don’t miss a chance to enjoy surely in hostel I did every adventure possible and somehow manage to study before the exams………

Moreover hostel life served as a background too to groom us for the real life. Many of the hurdles that we have faced in the initial stages of the hostel life, we started to feel like heavenly at one stage. Now it’s the time to say good bye to the charming life. We walk down the corridors that had taught us some of the important lessons of social life carrying some nostalgic memories in our mind.

“So if you got hostel expect to meet new friends (different family background g / religion) and put on your best smiling face, who knows , you might make best friendship of your life”


  1. ooops well good collection of thoughts so when r u gonna implement those teachings??? :) seriously??

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